60. Allegaeon/Gatecreeper Interviews, Metal Trivia, & Live Show Reviews

We talked about all the music we’ve been listening to lately, the live shows we’ve been to including Cannibal Corpse with Gatecreeper & Power Trip, & Hatebreed with Dying Fetus, Code Orange, and played a game of Metal Trivia. Round 1 was name the riff and & round 2 was metal trivia. We also have interviews with Chase from Gatecreeper and Riley/Greg from Allegaeon.

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59. Enslaved/Cannibal Corpse Discussion & Dark Descent Records Interview

Time Stamps:

00:00: Discussion and clips of what were listening to including Converge, Necrot, Gut Slit, Antropomorphia, Couch Slut, Trivium, & Venenum

41:45: Enslaved “E” Album Discussion

53:00: Cannibal Corpse “Red Before Black” Album Discussion

108:15: Interview with Matt Calvert of Dark Descent Records

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Music Played on this episode:
Converge “I Can Tell You About Pain” & “Under Duress”
Necrot “Blood Offerings”
Gut Slit “Marachino Eye Balls”
Couch Slut “Snake in the Grass”
Antropomorphia “Murmor of the Dead”
Venenum “Cold Death”
Enslaved “Storm Son”, “Sacred Horse”, & Hindsiight
Cannibal Corpse “Code of the Slashers” & “Remaimed”

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58. Australian Metal Spotlight with Tim of Ne Obliviscaris & Dave of Psycroptic

We finally traveled down under to the great Aussie gold minds of metal. We first spoke with Dave Haley the drummer of Psycroptic, Ruins, King, and many other projects and we ended the episode with an interview with Tim Charles the violinist and clean vocalist of Ne Obliviscaris. We spoke with both about growing up as an Australian metal head, influential bands from their country, challenges of touring and getting exposed to other countries, music recs, and info on their respective bands. Dave told us about the next Psycroptic album and Tim talked about their new album “urn” out 10/27. The middle of the episode features us talking about our favorite Australian metal bands and some new bands we discovered.
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57. Black Dahlia Murder Album Review, COB “Follow the Reaper”, & Dragonforce Interview

As always, we discussed the bands we’ve been listening to lately (with a very surprising pick from Shadie) & than we discussed the latest album from The Black Dahlia Murder “Nightbringers”. We also did a throwback review on Children of Bodom’s “Follow the Reaper”. The episode ends with an interview with Marc Hudson of Dragonforce.

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56. Tomas Lindberg (At the Gates, Disfear, The Lurking Fear etc) Spotlight & Interview

We are back with new music recommendations ranging from death metal, to black metal, catchy radio friendly metal and everything in between. Our main feature for this episode is a spotlight on the scene veteran Tomas Lindberg. We go over his discography including Grotesque, At the Gates, Skitsystem, The Great Deceiver, The Crown, Nightrage, Disfear, and his new project The Lurking Fear. We end the episode with an interview with the man himself to talk about his new project, his discography, challenges, future projects, as well as talk about At the Gates past and future. Interview starts around the 1.25 mark.

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Ep 55. Top Drinking Songs & Decrepit Birth Interview

Ok guys so we had some technical difficulties on this episode with Jason’s mic going out and reverting to his computer mic without knowing. Instead of getting rid of the ep we decided to edit it the best we could and this is the result! Hopefully its not too bad and dont worry we will be back to normal quality next time. Anyway’s we talked about a bunch of new music to check out, reviewed the Lamb of God and Behemoth show, and talked about our favorite songs to listen to while drinking, partying, having a good time.. whatever. Enjoy on a Friday or Saturday with a cold drink in your hand if possible.

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54. Doug Brown the Director of Grindcore Documentary “Slave to the Grind”

Episode 54 is a bonus episode with Doug Brown who is directing the upcoming grindcore documentary “Slave to the Grind”. We talked about his background with grindcore, the process of creating a documentary, the challenges and highlights, and he also provided 4 albums to check out for people who are newer to grindcore. Stay tuned for a regular episode coming hopefully in the next week.

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