86. Baroness Interview, Mastodon’s Crack the Skye, & Music Recommendations

We talked about some older music we’ve been listening to and a few new ones including Edge of Sanity, Wintersun, Demolition Hammer, Hinayana, and Allegaeon, discussed Mastodon’s Crack the Skye since it turned 10 this year, and answered a Patreon listener’s question – Pick a band to cover any album from another band. Plus we have an interview with Gina Gleason of Baroness.

Music Played on this Episode:

Knocked Loose “Mistakes like Fractures”
Allegaeon “The Secular Age”
Demolition Hammer “Skull Fracturing Nightmare” & “.44 Caliber Brain Surgery”
Edge of Sanity “Unorthodox”
Mastodon “Oblivion”, “Divinations”, “Crack the Skye”, and “The Last Baron”
Baroness “Seasons” & “I’d Do Anything”

Listen at the below links or on your favorite podcast app:


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