We are three heavy music fans bringing you an elitist-free podcast to discuss all things metal and hardcore. We provide monthly (sometimes more) episodes featuring all the new music you should be listening to, discussions and debates on various metal related topics, interviews, reviews, and special feature episodes. When it comes to metal we do not discriminate and cover everything under the metal umbrella. Send us your feedback and requests at our social media sites.


  1. Heya. I’m an Aussie, been listening to you three for awhile now. Cheers for the Australian focus. However you really only scratched the surface of Australian metal. Check out “whoretopsy”, “sanzu”, “the ritual aura” to name a few.


    1. Thanks man ya your right we talked about breaking it into 2 episodes so we could dive deeper but ended up not. Maybe we’ll have to do a part 2 at some point. I know I have some I found that I will prob bring up on future episodes for sure. Thanks for the recommendations! We will definitely check those out. I don’t recall coming across those ones yet
      — Jason


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