90. Necrot Interview & Lesser Known Melodic Death Metal Albums You Need to Hear

Episodes 90’s main feature is a discussion on some of the best lesser known melodic death metal albums. We had Thomas Gilliam, one of our long time listeners and expert on all things Swedish melodic death metal on to bring us his favorite picks. We also gave some of our own so get ready for some melody! Plus don’t worry we still talked about what we’ve been listening to, a Shadie rant, and have a live interview with Luca Indrio
the vocalist and bassist of Death Metal band Necrot that took place right after their set on the Gatecreeper/Exhumed tour.

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Music Played On This Episode:
Left Behind “Peeling Wax”
Abigail Williams “Ever so Bold”
Crepuscle “In the Winds of Glory”
High Command “Mercilis Steel”
Hideous Divinity “Pray to a Vision”
Blood Incantation “The Giza Power Plant”
Sacrilige “Lost in the Beauty You Slay”
Insomnium “Mortal Share”
Eternal Storm “Through the Wall of Light Pt. 1”
The Ever Dawn “Sombre Autumn”
Eucharist “My Bloody Tears”
The Crown “Under the Whip”
Moaning Wind “Lost Forever”
Eternal Tears of Sorrow
Valtari “Bitterness”
Ebony Tears “Harvester of Pain”
Kalmah “The Grown of Wind”
Gates of Ishtar “Where the Winds of Darkness Blow”
Necrot “Empty Hands”

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