103. Fuming Mouth Interview & New Recommendations

Since we’ve all been working hard on those end of the year lists, we kept things for this episode and talked mostly about EP’s and demo’s that we wont get to talk about with all the full lengths. Plus we had Sam who is a fine southern gentlemen and one of our Patreon listeners on as a special guest to bring in some of the stuff he’s been jamming. Sam also plays in the band Lament Configuration who is going to be putting out an EP soon so go like that shit on Facebook to be in the know! We finished off the episode with an interview with Andrew Budwey of Fuming Mouth (starts about an hour and 20 mins into the episode). Go check there new 3 song EP “Beyond the Tomb” out immediately which is out now on Nuclear Blast.

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Music Played on this Episode
Fists of Fury – Oppression
Svartkonst – I am the Void
Psycroptic – The Watcher of All
Writhing Shadows – Dark Rage and Bloodthirst
Errant – Amorphic Burden
Greenwitch – Cellar Dweller
Stormkeep – Glass Caverns of Dragon Kings
Sallow Moth – Artificial Evolution
Oilspill – Great Black Pit
Wreck of the Minotaur – Big Money Stella
Potion – Trib.al/tech_support
Autosarcophagy – My Cadaver Decomposing in Forests of Green
Supression – Human Rotting Flesh
Lycantrophila – Savages
Jesus Wept “Buried Face Down”

Links to listen:


Google Play



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