98. Derrick Vella of Tomb Mold


Episode Recorded on April 22

Derrick Vella of Tomb Mold is back and for the first half of the episode we kept it casual and talked about quarantine life, Tomb Mold, his new doom project, what metal we’ve been listening to including new stuff and a lot of older stuff, joining Outerheaven, favorite hardcore bands/albums, and a whole lot more.

The 2nd half of the podcast is were things get weird and is all about our love for the band The Drive by Truckers. For those unfamiliar, they are basically an alternative country/southern rock type band but really pretty hard to classify. There’s no metal to be found here. We realized we are both obsessed with this band a while back and Derrick through out the idea of ranking our top 20 songs from them. I loved it. You probably wont. Thats ok. It just gave us something to break up the quarantine boredom and have some fun with. Even if your not into it there was a lot of interesting side conversations throughout so its worth giving a chance to. For the two of you out there that get all the way through the episode we solute you!
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Music Played on This Episode

Tomb Mold “Infinite Resurrection”
Kvaen “Revenge by Fire”
Sweven “By Virtue of a Promise”
Cryptic Shift “The Arctic Chasm”
Human Remains “Chemical Life”
Oblivion “From this Day Forward”

And a lot of fucking Drive by Truckers songs


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