100. Imperial Triumphant Interview & Spotlight on Avant-Garde Metal

Shit I guess we just did 100 of these things. Thanks to everyone who has been with us from the beginning and all our new listeners we roped in along the way. Here’s to 100 more! We kept things normal for the first part of the episode and talked about all the new stuff we’ve been checking out and then brought on our special guest Phil Wadey of Phil’s Breakfast Metal Podcast (highly recommended) to talk about 5 different Avant-Garde Metal albums. We finished off with an interview with Zachary Ezrin of Imperial Triumphant.

This was a long episode so here’s the time breakdown in case you want to listen to it in parts:

New Music Talk – 0 to 49 min
Avant Garde Spotlight – 49 min to 1hr 49 min
Imperial Triumphant Interview 1hr 49 min

Check out Phil’s Breakfast Metal Podcast here: https://soundcloud.com/philsbreakfastmetal

Find more bonus content over at our Patreon:


Listen at the below links or on your favorite podcast app:


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Podbean: https://thecombine586.podbean.com/

Music Played on this Episode:

Terminal Nation “Disciple of Deceit”
Gulch – Self Inflicted Mental Terror
Serpent Column – Antihelical
Kiko Loureiro – In Motion
Havukruunu – Tahti-Yo Ja Hevoiset
Deathlehem – Mindflare
Spiritworld – Nightterrors

Phil Wadey’s Solo Material

Ved Buens Ende – Rememberence of Things Past
Ephel Duath “The Passage – Pearl Grey)
Code – A Sutra of Wounds”
Pan Thy Monium – The Battle of Geeheeb
Rainer Landfermann – Vertieft
Imperial Triumphant “Rotted Futures”

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