109. Serena Cherry of Noctule/Svalbard, At the Gates Album Review, Debate Topic, & New Recommendations

We talked about a lot of new music we’ve been listening to, had a debate about how the metal scene handled the pandemic, reviewed the new At the Gates album, & had an interview with Serena Cherry of Noctule and Svalbard about her new black metal solo project (Interview starts at 1 hour and 23 mins).

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Link to Stan the Man’s Demo: https://enfleshment.bandcamp.com/album/cellar-death

Music Played on this Episode:

Liquid Viscera – Ligature Strangulation 

Internal Infestation – Chainsaw Bloodlust

Crypta – Blood Stained Heritage

Volc Vermaledide – Nietig

Spectral Wound – Imperial Saison Noire

This Ending – My Open Wound

Perilax Occlusion – Fracturing the Veroni

Keeno – Severn Summers

At the Gates – Spectre of Extinction, Garden of Cyrus, Cosmic Pessimism 

Noctule – Elven Sword & Wretched Abyss

Orden Ogan – Gunman

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