110. Wolves in the Thrown Room Interview, BTBAM & Carcass Reviews, & New Music

The boys returned to there origins of recording in person for this one. Topics included new recommendations, Between the Buried and Me concert review and review of Colors 2, review of the new Carcass album “Torn Arteries”, a little talk on how our musical tastes have changed since we started the cast, and an interview with Aaron Weaver of Wolves in the Thrown Room. It was a super interesting conversation about the mountains, magic, spirituality, how nature is reflected/ inspires the music, psychedelic’s, the importance of nature for happiness, and a lot more. 

*Interview starts at 1hr. 35 min mark

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Music Played on this Episode
Every Time I Die – Desperate Pleasures
Wharflurch – “Celestial Mycelium” Level 1
Hedonist – Sepulchral Lacerations
Acausal Intrusion – Nexious Shapeshifters
Contempt of the Light – The Black Flame
Laceration – Verbal Expiration 

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