108. Enforced Interview & New Recommendations

We caught up on all the newer releases we’ve been jamming, heard about Stan the Man’s new death metal demo, and talked with with Knox Colby of Enforced. We talked about his path to metal, the bands background, a lot about Kill Grid, and even got some recommendations for some of his favorite underrated thrash albums. (Interview starts around 1 hour in to the episode)

Link to Stan the Man’s Demo: https://enfleshment.bandcamp.com/album/cellar-death

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Other Links to listen:


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Music Played on this Episode:
Celestial Sanctuary – Mass Extinction
Turris Eburnea – Unfied Fields 
Snet – Kůň Kadaver
Spectral Lore – The Sorceror Above the Clouds
Malist – Timeless Torch
Wheel – When the Shadow Takes You Over
Nattverd – Naar taaken fortaerer alt
Enfleshment – Shackles of Torment
Enforced – UXO
Iron Age – Sleeping Eye of the Watcher
Denet – Mortuary

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