76. Gorod Interview, New Recommendations, & Live Show Reviews

So we talked too long on the “Black Metal for Beginner’s” episode so we broke it into two episodes. Here’s the other half! We talked to Julien Nutz Deyres – the vocalist of Gorod about the French extreme metal scene including what it was like in the early days, how it has evolved, what its signature sound is, and how it is today. We also talked about their new album “Aethra”. He was a super nice guy with a lot of great view points (sorry for the background noise – Julien was in a loud cafe!). As for the rest of the episode we talked about the new music we’ve been jamming as well as live show reviews for Damnation Fest, Inferi, At the Gates/Behemoth, and Rivers of Nihil/Exhumed/Revocation. Stan is still away raising his child in the deep woods of Norway in order to all allow the metal to seep deeper into her veins so Phil of Phils Breakfast Metal was with us as our guest host. Stay tuned for the return of Stan the Man on the next Episode… coming soon!!

Links for Phil’s podcast and band

Phils Breakfast Metal Podcast: Soundcloud or iTunes

Void Titan: Bandcamp

Listen at the below links or on your favorite podcast app:


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Music Played on This Episode:

Arsis “Fathoms”
Panopticon “Blatimen”
Scorched “Disfiguring Operations”
Skalmold “Sveroio”
Saor “Tears of a Nation”
At the Gates “Suicide Nation”
Gorod “The Sentry”

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