77. Finnish Death Metal

For episode 77 we celebrated the disgusting work of our Finnish metal brethren!!
We were joined by Sam – Finnish Death Metal enthusiast and one of the hosts
of “From the Pit” podcast, to talk about some of the best death metal bands
Finland has to offer. If you have never dove into Finnish death metal you’re in for a
murky, dark, twisted, and heavy surprise… if you’re ready for it! There’s also some new music recommendations at the beginning.

Check out Sam’s podcast “From the Pit” at the link below:
From the Pit

Listen at the below links or on your favorite podcast app:


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Music Played on this Episode:
Cult Leader “Craft of Mourning”
Kever “Back from the Netherworld”
Haken “Puzzle Box”
Slugathor “Slow and Painful Death”
Hooded Menace” “Charnel Reflections”
Demilich “When the Sun Drank the Weight of Water”
Convulse “False Religion”
Rippikoulu “Musta Seremonia”
Adramelech “Heroes in Godly Blaze”
Amorphis “Exile of the Sons of Uisliu”
Mors Principium Est “Reclaim the Sun”
Insomnium “While We Sleep”

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