Black Metal for Beginners & Revocation Interview

Stan is away being a new dad so on this episode we were joined by two special guests to help fill in. We have listener Phil Wadey from the podcast “Phil’s Breakfast Metal” and the band “Void Titan” as well as listener Young James who has a Youtube series going right now documenting his journey into death metal. Find all those links below. The challenge for this episode was to pick 15 albums to convince someone who isn’t into black metal that they should. James was our test subject as he is not a fan of black metal at all. So hit play and see how well we did! Stay tuned for a live interview with Dave Davidson of Revocation at the end! Interview starts at the 1 hour 25 min mark if you get sick of us.

Listen at the below links or on your favorite podcast app:


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Links for our Guests:

Phils Breakfast Metal Podcast: Soundcloud or iTunes

Void Titan: Bandcamp

James Does Death Metal:–u4WY


Music Played on this Episode:

Unearth “Incinerate”
Batushka “Yekteniya III: Premudrost’
Gorgoroth “The Rite of Infernal Invocation”
Uada “Natus Eclipsim”
Death Spell Omega “Abscission”
Enslaved “Ethica Odini”
Nachtmystium “Assassins”
Wolves in the Throne Room “Vastness and Sorrow”
Dissection “Where Dead Angels Lie”
Ulver “Hymne 1”
Abigail Williams “The World Beyond”
Dark Funeral “The Secrets of the Black Arts”
Wiegdood “Svanesang”
Satyricon “Mother North”
Watain “Malfeitor”
Horn “Bocksfub”

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