57. Black Dahlia Murder Album Review, COB “Follow the Reaper”, & Dragonforce Interview

As always, we discussed the bands we’ve been listening to lately (with a very surprising pick from Shadie) & than we discussed the latest album from The Black Dahlia Murder “Nightbringers”. We also did a throwback review on Children of Bodom’s “Follow the Reaper”. The episode ends with an interview with Marc Hudson of Dragonforce.

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Music featured on this episode:

– Bolt Thrower “Spearhead”
– August Burns Red “Quake”
– The Drip “Blackest Evocatoin”
– Glacial Tomb “Black Hole, White Teeth”
– Trivium “He who Spawned the Furies” & “The Sin & the Sentence”
– Cut Up “Wherever They May Rot”
– Batushka “Litourgiya 3”
– Horrified “Allure of the Fallen”
– The Black Dahlia Murder “Matriarch” & “Nightbringers”
– Children of Bodom “Hate Me”, “Follow the Reaper”, & “Bodom After Midnight”
– Dragonforce “Holding On” & “The Edge of the World”

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