58. Australian Metal Spotlight with Tim of Ne Obliviscaris & Dave of Psycroptic

We finally traveled down under to the great Aussie gold minds of metal. We first spoke with Dave Haley the drummer of Psycroptic, Ruins, King, and many other projects and we ended the episode with an interview with Tim Charles the violinist and clean vocalist of Ne Obliviscaris. We spoke with both about growing up as an Australian metal head, influential bands from their country, challenges of touring and getting exposed to other countries, music recs, and info on their respective bands. Dave told us about the next Psycroptic album and Tim talked about their new album “urn” out 10/27. The middle of the episode features us talking about our favorite Australian metal bands and some new bands we discovered.
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Music featured on this episode:
Thy Art is Murder – “Slaves Beyond Death”
Psycroptic – “Cold”
Armoured Angel – “Enigmatize”
Hobbs Angel of Death – “Lucifers Domain”
Disembowlment – “The Tree of Life and Death”
King Parrot – “Bozo”
Destroyer 666- “Hounds at ya Back”
Ne Obliviscaris – “Devour Me, Colossus, Pt. II & “Intra Venus”
Be’lakor ” Remnants”
The Amentia “Flesh is Heir”
The Berzerker “Heavily Medicated”
Valtari “Bitterness”
Ruins “Faust”
The Amentia “Flesh is Heir”
Alchemist “tongues & Knives”

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