56. Tomas Lindberg (At the Gates, Disfear, The Lurking Fear etc) Spotlight & Interview

We are back with new music recommendations ranging from death metal, to black metal, catchy radio friendly metal and everything in between. Our main feature for this episode is a spotlight on the scene veteran Tomas Lindberg. We go over his discography including Grotesque, At the Gates, Skitsystem, The Great Deceiver, The Crown, Nightrage, Disfear, and his new project The Lurking Fear. We end the episode with an interview with the man himself to talk about his new project, his discography, challenges, future projects, as well as talk about At the Gates past and future. Interview starts around the 1.25 mark.

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Music featured on this episode

– Code Orange “The New Reality”
– Trapped Under Ice “No Relief”
– Ajattara “Hurmasta”
– Spirit Adrift “Curse of Conception”
– Azarath “At the Gates of Understanding”
– Archspire “Remote Tumor Selection”
– Decapitated “Kill the Cult”
– At The Gates “Slaughter of the Soul”
– Grotesque “Thirteen Bells of Doom & Blood Runs From the Alter”
– At the Gates “Windows”
– Skitsystem “Profithysteri”
– The Great Deciever “Pierced”
– Lock Up “The Embodiment of Paradox and Chos”
– Disfear “Get it off”
– The Crown “Drugged Unholy”
– Nightrage “Glow of the Setting Sun”
– The Lurking Fear “The Infernal Dread”
– At the Gates “Death and the Labyrinth

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