Ep 55. Top Drinking Songs & Decrepit Birth Interview

Ok guys so we had some technical difficulties on this episode with Jason’s mic going out and reverting to his computer mic without knowing. Instead of getting rid of the ep we decided to edit it the best we could and this is the result! Hopefully its not too bad and dont worry we will be back to normal quality next time. Anyway’s we talked about a bunch of new music to check out, reviewed the Lamb of God and Behemoth show, and talked about our favorite songs to listen to while drinking, partying, having a good time.. whatever. Enjoy on a Friday or Saturday with a cold drink in your hand if possible.

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Music featured on this episode
Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Lamb of god “Laid to rest”
Khemmis “Above the water”
Municipal waste “Slime and punishment”
Wormwitch “Relentless Death”
Chtonic “Southern Cross”
River Black “Low”
Uada “Natus Eclipsim”

See below for our drinking songs after you listen!

Drinking Songs
Confession “One Blood”
Kvelrtek “Bloodtorst”
Kiss “I love it Loud”
War of Ages “The same damn song Stan always plays lol”
Municipal Waste “The art of Partying”
Ensiferum “One Magic Potion”
The Showdown “Aphrodite- The Disillusionaire”
Wilson “College Gang Bang”
Pantera “Domination:
Comeback Kid “False Idols Fall”
Down “Lifer”
Municipal Waste “Bourban Dicipline”
Every Time I Die “The New Black”
Children of Bodom “Shovel Knockout”
Dio “The Last in Line”
Amon Amarth “Raise Your Horns
Red Fang “Prehistoric Dog”

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