54. Doug Brown the Director of Grindcore Documentary “Slave to the Grind”

Episode 54 is a bonus episode with Doug Brown who is directing the upcoming grindcore documentary “Slave to the Grind”. We talked about his background with grindcore, the process of creating a documentary, the challenges and highlights, and he also provided 4 albums to check out for people who are newer to grindcore. Stay tuned for a regular episode coming hopefully in the next week.

Listen at the link below, on iTunes, Stitcher and most podcast apps/sites.


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Instagram: Intothecombine

Gmail: Thecombine586@gmail.com

Go follow the documentary and lots of grindcore discussion over at https://www.facebook.com/Slavetothegrindfilm/

Music featured on this episode:

– Brutal Truth “Dementia”
– Soilent Green “Sewn Mouth Secrets”
– Fuck the Facts “Everywhere Yet Nowhere”
– Napalm Death “Its a Mans World”

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