Ep 53. Top Metal Cover Songs & Jason Keyser of Origin

We’ve got new music recommendations, a guest live review of Devin Townsend, Gojira, & Opeth, from Jake of Polykill Podcast, and our main feature is our favorite metal cover songs (starts at 28 mins in). It turned into a battle against the hosts to guess the song, band covering, and band being covered. Play along and let us know how many points you come up with! We ended the episode with an interview with the very entertaining Jason Keyser of Origin (starts at 1:16). Listen at the link, on iTunes, Stitcher, & most other podcast apps

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Instagram: Intothecombine

Email: Thecombine@gmail.com

Check out this episode of Polykill Podcast if you enjoyed Jake & want to hear his metal background: https://polykill.libsyn.com/off-killter-1-a-little-bit-of-sports-and-a-lot-of-music

Music Played on This Episode:

1. Broken Hope “The Carion Eaters”

2. Goatwhore “Decayed Omen Reborn”

3. Amentia “Paranoia”

4. Entrails “Dead and Buried”

5. Gojira “Silvera” Live

6. Devin Townsend Project “Deadhead” Live

7. Gojira “Stranded” Live

8. Opeth “Sorceres” Live

10. A shit ton of metal covers. Listen through and play the game to find out which ones!

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