117. 90s Melodic Black Metal

We talked about some new music we’ve been listening to and then took a dive down the post-Dissection world of Melodic Black/Death metal

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Music Played on this Episode

Immolation – Into Everlasting Fire
Det Eviga Leendet – Reverence 
Moonlight Sorcery – For Thy Light is Ice
Tlepsh – Waters of Absu
Desecresy – Rivers of the Nether Realm
Necrophobic – The Throne of Souls Possessed 
Vinterland – Our Dawn of Glory
Dark Fortress – Throne of Sombre Thoughts
Lord Belial –  Realm Of A Thousand Burning Souls (Part 1)
Old Mans Child – Child King of the Dark Ages
Satanic Slaughter – Afterworld Kingdom
Dawn – Falcula
The Moaning – Blood From Stone
Naglfar – As The Twilight Gave Birth To The Night
Mok Gryning – Omringningen
Sacramentum – Fogs Kiss

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