Best of 2021 Written Lists

Here’s all three of our written lists for anyone who wants them! Some of those names are tough so hopefully this helps. Hope you guys enjoyed the last two best of the year episodes. We will be back soon!

Evil Jay

1. Dream Unending “Tide Turns Eternal” 

2. Worm “Foreverglade”

3. Stormkeep “Tales of Othertime”

4. Panopticon “Again into the Light” 

5. Skepticism “Companion” 

6. Spectral Wound “A Diabolic Thirst”

7. Wharflurch “Psychedelic Realms of Hell” 

8. Fetid Zombie “Transmutations”

9. Hulder “Godslastering: Hymns of a Forlorn Peasantry” 

10. Wheel “Preserved in Time” 

11. Gravesend “Methods of Human Disposal”

12. Universally Estranged “Reared up in Spectral Predation” 

13. Unto Others “Strength”

4. Snet “Mokvani V Okovech” Track: Kůň Kadaver

15. Mystras – “Empires Vanquished and Dismantled”

The Rest (not ordered):

16. Archgoat “Worship the Eternal Darkness”
17. Asphyx “Necroceros”
18. Cannibal Corpse “Violence Unimagined” 
19. Suffering Hour “The Cyclic Reckoning”
20. 200 Stab Wounds “Slave to the Scalpel”
21. Genocide Pact “Genocide Pact”
22. Ruins of Beverast “The Thule Grimoires”
23. Ancient Mastery “Chapter One: Across the Mountains of the Drammarskol”
24. Vertebra Atlantis “Lustral Purge in Cerulean Bliss”
25. Drawn and Quartered “Congregation Pestilence”
26. Liquid Viscera “Cannibalistic Butchery”
27. Celestial Sanctuary “Soul Diminished”
28. Rothadas “Kopar hant…az alvilag fele”
29. Steel Bearing Hand “Slay in Hell”
30. Enforced “Kill Grid”


1. A Diabolical Thirst- Spectral Wound

2. Glow On- Turnstile

3. Dy’th Requiem For The Serpent Telepath- Esocthrilhum

4. Colors II- Between the Buried and Me

5. Vile Genesis- Inferi

6. A Dying Wish- Thulcandra

7. Transmutations- Fetid Zombie

8. A Valediction- Obscura

9. Etepowwtoc- Spectral Lore

10. Aria- Dessiderium

11. Rot of Ages- Abscession

12. …And Again Into the Light- Panopticon

13. Karst Relict- Malist

14. Glorie Eternelle- First Fragment

15. Torn Arteries- Carcass

Honorable Mentions
Symphony of the Night – Ulthima
Titans Call- Valtari
This Ending- Needles of Rust
Hushed and Grim- Mastodon
Violence Unimagined- Cannibal Corpse 

Stan The Man’s Top 15 plus 34

1) Ulthima “Symphony Of The Night”

2) Panopticon “And Again Into The Light”

3) Stormkeep “Tales Of Othertime”

4) Worm “Foreverglade”

5) Spectral Wound “A Diabolic Thirst”

6) Duskmourn “Fallen Kings And Rusted Crowns”

7) Hooded Menace “The Tritonus Bell”

8) Morbific “Ominous Seep Of Putridity”

9) Hulder “Godslastering: Hymns of a Forlorn Peasantry”

10) Cannibal Corpse “Violence Unimagined”

11) Valtari “Titan’s Call”

12) Esoctrilihum “Dy’th Requiem For The Serpent Telepath”

13) Noroth “Harbringer”

14) Dungeon Serpent “World Of Sorrow”

15) Crypta “Echoes Of Soul”

16) Bloodrust “A Legacy Of Vengeance”

17) Noctule “Wretched Abyss”

18) Mare Cognitum “Solar Paroxysm”

19) Between The Buried And Me “Colors II”

20) Ethereal Shroud “Trisagion”

21) Malist “Karst Relict”

22) Genocide Pact “Genocide Pact”

23) Celestual Sanctuary “Soul Diminished”

24) Dream Unending “The Tide Turns Eternal”

25) Snet “Mokvani V Okovech”

26) Yoth Iria “As The Flame Withers”

27) Khemmis “Deceiver”

28) Phrenelith “Chimaera”

29) Frozen Soul “Crypt Of Ice”

30) Ingrown “Gun”

31) This Ending “Needles Of Rust”

32) Enforced “Kill Grid”

33) Fetid Zombie “Transmutations”

34) Conjureth “Majestic Dissolve”

35) Gravesend “Methods Of Human Disposal”

36) Suffering Hour “The Cycle Reckoning”

37) Fulci “Exhumed Information

38) Hypocrisy “Worship”

39) Universally Estranged “Reared Up In Spectral Predation”

40) Be’Lakor “Coherence”

41) Disrupted “Pure Death”

42) Night Crowned “Hadanfard”

43) Wharflurch “Psychedelic Realms Ov Hell”

44) Dodsrit “Mortal Coil”

45) Maglinant Altar “Realms of Exquisite Morbidity”

46) Ghastly “Mercurial Passages”

47) God’s Hate “God’s Hate”

48) Stortregn “Impermanence”

49) Wizardthrone “Hypercube Necrodimensions”

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