84. Slayer Tour Review, Archspire/Inferi Interviews, & New music

We talked about new albums from Fetid, Idle Hands, Batushka (Krystov Drabkowski’s version), & Krypts. Than we talked about how the 3 of us reunited for the Slayer farewell tour with Cannibal, Lamb Of God, and Amon Amarth as well as Shadie’s review of the Tech Trek tour with Archspire, Inferi, Virgin, and Wormhole. Plus we’ve got interviews with Archspire (at the 45 min mark) & Inferi (at 1 hour at 20 min mark)!

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Music Played on this Episode:

Breakdown: Termibal Nation “Church Of the Gun”

1. Fetid “Cranial Liquescent”

2. Krystov Drabkowski’s Batushka “Nechb 4”

– Bandcamp Download link: https://sphieratz.bandcamp.com/album/-

3. Idle Hands “Blade and the Will”

4. Krypts “Circling the Between”

5. Archspire “Remote Tumor Seeker” & “Relentless Mutation”

6. Inferi “The Promethean Kings”

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