83. After the Burial Interview, Arch Enemy “Black Earh” Throwback, & New Music Recomendations

We talked about new music from Employed to Serve, Wormwitch, Altarage, Warforged, Full of Hell, Nocturnus AD, Inferi, Spirit Adrift, and Amon amarth and did a throwback discussion on Arch Enemy’s first album “Black Earth”. We also interviwed Anthony Natarmaso of After the Burial about there recent tour with Killswitch Engage/Parkway Drive, the new album “Evergreen”, how it compared to recording the last one, his last conversation with Justin, playing live as a 4 piece, becoming comfortable as a front man, and more.

Time Stamps:

Intro & new music recommendations

50 min: Arch Enemy “Black Earth” Review

1hr 15 min: Interview

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Music Played on this Episode:
– Employed to Serve “Beneath it All”
– Wormwitch “Two Wolves”
– Altarage “Knowledge”
– Warforged “Nightfall Came”
– Full of Hell “Ygrumal the Many”
– Nocturnus AD “Aeon of the Ancient Ones”
– Inferi “Gatherings in the Chamber of Madness”
– Spirit Adrift “Tortured by Time”
– Amon Amarth “Fafners Gold”
– Arch Enemy “Bury Me an Angel”, “Idolatress”. “Eureka”
– After the Burial “Behold the Crown”

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