46. Fit For an Autopsy Interview/Album Review & New music

We talked about new music from Immolation, Aeternam, Sunlights Bane, The Ominous Circle, and reviewed the After the Burial/Fit for an Autopsy show as well as the Metal Blade 35th anniversary tour featuring Allegaeon, Goatwhore, Cattle Decapitation, & Whitechapel. We also reviewed the new Fit For an Autopsy Album “The Great Collapse” out on March 17th and interviewed the guitarist Patrick Sheridan. We apologize for the noise during the interview but the 2nd half gets a bit quieter. Listen here, on Stitcher, or on the iTunes podcast app.

Music Featured on the episode:

– Spawn of Posession “Bodiless Sleeper”

– Aeternam “Demascus Gate”

– Sunlights Bane “Praise the Venom Shield”

– Immolation “Destructive Currents”

– The Ominous Circle “Poison Fumes”

– Fit For an Autopsy “Heads Will Hang” & Iron Moon


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