121.Death Discography Part 2 & Interviews with ex members Terry Butler & James Murphy

Alright so Part 2 was originally going to be one long episode talking about Spiritual Healing and Human and then feature 3 interviews but when we realized how long it was we broke it into 2 shorter episodes after we recorded it. So think of this like part 1 of… part 2? Anyway, this one has us discussing and ranking Death’s 3rd album Spiritual Healing as well as a new interview with Terry Butler who was with Death for the Leprosy and Spiritual Healing era and also played in Massacre, Six Feet Under, and Obituary. Then we finish off with a segment from older interview we did with James Murphy who played on Spiritual Healing and in the project Disincarnate. 

Terry Butler Interview starts at: 21 minutes 

James Murphy Interview starts at: 45 minutes 

Links to listen:


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