112. Phantom Slaughter of Worm, New Music Recommendations , & Listener Questions 

Hope you guys like long episodes! Didn’t mean for this one too go so long but after adding in clips for the interview she ended up near 3 hours! Luckily the interview with Phantom Slaughter of Worm is insanely cool so I don’t think you guys will mind.

We talked about his history with metal, the new album, and he brought us 10 of his favorite obscure funeral doom/death doom releases. For the normal episode we talked about what we’ve been listening to and answered some listener questions including the state of death metal in 2021, music/albums that have actually scared/disturbed us, and whether we are into the cassette trend. 

Interview starts at around the 1hr 15 minute mark if you want to skip to that. It was recorded on 10/13/21

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Music Played on this Episode:
Gravesend – Ashen Piles of the Incinerated 
Morbific – Ominous Seep of Putridity
The Oriental Sun – The Majestic Pheonix Arises Centuries of Hibernation
Fetid Zombie – Chrysopea
Obscurity – Skogarmaors
Dream Unending – In Cipher I Weep
Inferi – From Exile to Exaltation
Noroth – Harbinger 
Baazlvaat – Psilocybcasm
Oranssi Pazuzu – Illmestys
Acid Witch – Realm of the Wicked/Cauldron Cave
Leviathen – Idiot Sun
Beherit – Black Arts 
Worm – Empire of the Necromancers 
Unburied – Veil of Damnation
Unholy – Trip to Depressive Autumn
Funeral Cult – Korowody Cieni
In Torment – Lamentations
Sadness – Eodipus
Ras Algethi – Oblita Divinatas 
Salem – Kaddish
Argentum – Ad Interitum Funebrarum
Dead Serenade – Sorrow Breeds 
Mordor – Csejthee

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