Favorite Albums of 2020 Written Lists

Here’s our written Top 15 lists from our two part best of the year episodes! Plus some extras for the seriously fucked metal heads out there.

Stan’s Top 15 of 2020 Plus 34

  1. Anaal Nathrakh “Endarkment”
  2. Havukruunu “Uinos Syomein Sota”
  3. North “It Dwells Amongst Us”
  4. Faceless Burial “Speciation”
  5. Undeath “Lesions Of A Different Kind”
  6. Necrot “Mortal”
  7. Paysage D’Hiver “I’m Wald”
  8. Eternal Champion “Ravening Iron”
  9. LIK “Misanthropic Breed”
  10. Plague Years “Circle Of Darkness”
  11. Inexorum “Moonlit Navigation
  12. Napalm Death “Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism”
  13. Naglfar “Cerecloth”
  14. Bedsore “Hypnagogic Hallucinations”
  15. Nyktophobia “What Lasts Forever”
  16. Re-Armed “Ignis Aeternum”
  17. Ripped To Shreds “Luan”
  18. Spirit Adrift “Enlightened By Eternity”
  19. Rotting Out “Ronin”
  20. Terminal Nation “Holocene Extinction”
  21. Dark Tranquility “Moment”
  22. Esoctrilihum “Eternity Of Shaog”
  23. Gulch “Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress”
  24. Kommand “Terrorscape”
  25. Svartkonst “Black Waves”
  26. Atramentus “Stygian”
  27. Wolfheart “Wolves Of Karelia”
  28. Make Them Die Slowly “Ferox”
  29. Undergang “Aldrig i livet”
  30. Necrophobic “Dawn Of The Damned”
  31. Mors Principium Est “Seven”
  32. Night In Gales “Dawnlight Garden”
  33. Cosmic Putrefaction “
  34. Neaera “Neaera” The Horizons Towards Which Splendour Withers”
  35. Warp Chamber “Implements of Excruciation”
  36. Enslaved “Utgard”
  37. Black Curse “Endless Wound”
  38. Carnation “Where Death Lies”
  39. Temple Of Void “The World That Was”
  40. Pit Lord “Seasonings in the Abyss”
  41. Berzerker Legion “Obliterate the Weak”
  42. Cemetery Filth “Dominion”
  43. Dragkhar “At The Crossroads Of Infinity”
  44. Gorephilia “In The Eye Of Nothing”
  45. Year Of The Knife “Internal Incarceration”
  46. Horn “Mohngang”
  47. Dawn Of Solace “Waves”
  48. Ensiferum “Thalassic”
  49. Drown “Subaqueous”

Shadies Top 15 of 2020

  1. Serpents Oath “Hihil”
  2. Esoctrilihum “Eternity Of Shaog”
  3. Skycrypt “Incipit Anarchia: Eternity”
  4. Black Dahlia Murder “Verminous”
  5. Night In Gales “Dawnlight Garden”
  6. Funeral Mass “Forgotten Kingdoms Of The North”
  7. Uada “Djinn” 
  8. Necrophobic “Damned Of The Damned”
  9. Mors Principium Est “Seven”
  10. Mork Gryning “Hinsides vrede”
  11. Pequod “Spineless”
  12. Azarath “Saint Desecration”
  13. Spirit Adrift “Enlightened By Eternity”
  14. Haken “Virus”
  15. Firelink “Firelink”

HM) Anaal Nathrakh “Endarkment”

HM) Havukruunu “Uinos Syomein Sota”

HM) Ripped To Shreds “Luan”

HM) Vader “Solitude In Madness”

Evil Jay’s Top 30 of 2020

  1. Wayfarer “A Romance With Violence”
  2. Ulcerate “Stare Into Death And Be Still”
  3. Faceless Burial “Speciation”
  4. Undeath “Lesions Of A Different Kind”
  5. Lamp Of Murmuur ”Heir of Ecliptical Romanticism”
  6. Spirit Adrift “Enlightened By Eternity”
  7. Undergang “Aldrig i livet”
  8. Esoctrilihum “Eternity Of Shaog”
  9. Paysage D’Hiver “I’m Wald”
  10. Afterbirth “Four Dimensional Flesh”
  11. Of Feather And Bone “Sulfuric Disintegration”
  12. Akhlys “Melinoe”
  13. Rotting Out “Ronin”
  14. Cryptic Shift “Visitations From Enceladus”
  15. Sinera “The Everlorn”
  16. Folterkammer “Die Lederpredigt”
  17. Imperial Triumphant “Alphaville”
  18. Enslaved “Utgard”
  19. Black Curse “Endless Wound” 
  20. Atramentus “Stygian” 
  21. Ordinance “In Purge There Is No Remission” 
  22. Necrot “Mortal”
  23. Malokarpitan “Krupinské Ohne”
  24. Ripped to Shreds “Luan”
  25. Sweven “The Eternal Resonance” 
  26. Oranssi Pazuzzu “Mestarin kynsi”
  27. Spirit World “Pagan Rhythms”
  28. Mystras “Castles Conquerer and Reclaimed”
  29. Pnuema Hagion “Voidgazer”
  30. Godthrymm “Reflections” 

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