71. Deicide Interview & Gateway Death Metal Albums

We talked about our new music recommendations, what our gateway death metal albums where, and what albums we would give to someone who wants to explore the great genre of Death Metal. We also have an interview with the legendary Demon himself, Mr. Glenn Benton of Deicide which starts around the 1hr and 25 min mark. We talked about the new album, writing old songs, Jack Owen leaving the band, the Hoffman brothers plan to play old Deicide songs live, politics in metal, and more.

Listen the links below or your favorite podcast app & find more bonus content over at our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/intothecombine



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New Music Discussed:
Terror “Mental Demolition”
Burial Invocation “Abiogenesis”
Chthe’ilist “Beneath the Crypts”
Amorphis “The Bee”
The Lions Daughter “Die into Us”
Mortuous “The Dead Yet Dream”

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