68. Top 5 Debut Albums & At the Gates Interview

We talked about new music, discussed the new At the Gates Album, listed each of our top 5 debut metal albums, and finished off with an interview with Adrian Erlandsson of At the Gates.


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Click the link below  to see all the music played on this episode

Music Played on This Episode:

Eternal Sleep “Parlor Tricks”

Skeleton Witch “fen of Shadows”

Dequisitor “Downfall of the Apostates”
Requiem “And the Earth Grew Dark”

Judicator “Spiritual Treason”
At the Gates “To Drink from the Night Itself”
At the Gates “Colors of the Beast”


See below for the songs played during the debut metal albums section after you listen! 





Mastodon “Crusher Destroyer”
Comeback kid “Turn it Around”
Incantation “Blasphemous Cremation”
Dissection “The Somberlain”
Morbid Angel “Immortal Rites”
Six Feet Under “Remains of You”
Dillinger Escape Plan “Calculating Infinity”
Born of Osiris “Abstract Art”


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