65. Immortal “At The Heart of Winter” & Peter Tagtgren of Hypocrisy/Abyss Studios Interview

We started off with a bunch of new music we’ve been listening to including Ataraxy, Wake, Horn, Bloodshot Dawn, Rivers of Nihil, & Agrimonia. Than we did a reaction to Parkway Drive’s new single “The Void”, talked about our new Patreon project, and jumped into a big album discussion on Immortal’s frosty classic “At the Heart of Winter”. We ended off with an interview with Peter Tagtgren of Hypocrisy and Abyss Studios. We talked about Sci-fi movies, conspiracy’s,  Hypocrisy, and a lot about his work at Abyss studios. We talked about some of the classic albums he worked on including Dark Funeral “The Secrets of the Black Arts”, Immortal’s “At the Heart of Winter”, and Children of Bodom’s “Follow the Reaper”. We also talked about the new Immortal album he worked on due out this year and a lot more.

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Song clips played on this episode
Ataraxy “One Last Certainty”
Horn “Bocksfus”
Wake “Rot” Misery Rites
Bloodshot Dawn “Survival Evolved”
Agrimonia “The Sparrow”
Parkway Drive “The Void”
Immortal “At the Heart of Winter”
Bathory “Fire and Ice” from Hammerheart
Immortal “Solarfall”
Hypocrisy “Roswell 47”
Hypocrisy “Fire in the Sky”
Dark Funeral “My Dark Desires”

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