51. Nails/Twitching Tongues Interview & Top 5 Guest Appearences

Well this episode went a little long but we were having so much fun we couldn’t help it. Lots of beers were drank – especially Stan and lots of music clips were played. We have an interview with Nails drummer Taylor Young who also plays guitar in Twitching Tongues, plays in many other bands, and is also an accomplished producer. We started off with what we’ve been listening to including Artificial Brain, Ghost Iris, Extremity, Mantar, talked about two listener recommendation/requests including Slice the Cake’s “Odyssey to the West” & While She Sleeps “You are We” & than answered a listener question of what we think about live albums and our favorite ones. We also listed each of our top 5 guest parts and had a contest on who could name the song guest vocalist first. Stay tuned for the winner and play along!

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Music Featured on This Episode:
1. Incendiary “Still burning”
2. Ghost Iris “Save Yourself”
3. Artificial Brain “Static Shattering”
4. Extremity “Creepuscular Crescendo”
5. Mantar “The Spell”
6. Slice the Cake “Westward Bound Part 1 – The Lantern”
7. While She Sleeps “You are We”

**Spoiler Alert – List of songs played during our “Top Guest Parts” below. Listen to it first and play along with the game!

Lamb of God “Embers”
Allegaeon “Proponent for Sentience III”
Suicide Silence “Smashed”
Full of Hell “Crawling Back to God”
Gojira “Adoration for Nothing”
Six Feet Under “One Bullet Left”
Job for a Cowboy “Son of Nihility”
Dillinger Escape Plan “Horse Hunter”
War of Ages “Eternal”
Stick to Your Guns “Nothing You Can Do To Me”
Darkest Hour “Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation”
The Ghost Inside “Face Value”
Car Bomb “Sets”
Suffocation “Mass Obliteration”

Interview Music:
Nails “Friend to All”
Twitching Tongues “Disharmony”

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