49. Full of Hell Interview + Mastodon, Obituary, & 6 Ft. Under Reviews

We have a great in depth interview with Dylan Walker, the vocalist of Full of Hell to talk about their new album, touring with death metal legends, progression as a band, history, and a lot more. We also had a look at the new albums from two old school groove focused bands Obituary & Six Feet Under and discussed the new Mastodon album “Empire of Sand” (with guest August Furhman), as well as our normal section of what we have been listening to.


As for what we’ve been listening to check out the song list below! Listen here, on Itunes, Stitcher, & most podcast apps.

Songs Played on this episode:
– Cyborg Octopus “Baptism of Clay”
– Nightrage “In Abhorence”
– God Dethroned “The Wrong Side of the Line”
– Body Count “This is Why we Ride”
– Nightbringer “Serpent Sun”
– Mastodon “Sultans Curse”
– Obituary “Straight to Hell” & “End This Now”
– Six Feet Under “Exploratory Homocide” & “The Separation of Skin From Bone”
– Full of Hell “Crawling Back to God”

All songs used for promotional purposes only. If you like what you hear go support the bands!

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