44. Edge of Sanity Crimson Discussion with Dan Swano

As usual we talk and play music from some new releases and albums weve been into lately, get a reaction on the new Suicide Silence single, and than go in deep on a throwback review and discussion on Edge of Sanity’s classic prog/deathmetal masterpiece “Crimson”. We were even joined by Dan Swano – the mastermind behind Edge of Sanity to discuss the album further as well as his new album from his Witherscape project. If you havent listened to this album yet do yourself a favor and check it out. Fans of Opeth will not be dissapointed. Listen below, iTunes podcast app, and most other podcast apps



List of music featured on the show listed below:


Code Orange “Real”

Scar Symmetry “Limits to Infinity”

The Drip “Painted Ram”

Suicide Silence: “Doris”

Mors Principium Est “Reclaim the Sun”

Sumerlands “The Guardian”

Edge of Sanity “Crimson” (Various pieces of the one track album”

Witherscape: “Wake of Infinity” & “Marionette”

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