33.George Kollias of Nile

We had the opportunity to talk with George Kollias, the drummer of Nile and one of the best drummers in extreme metal. He was recently awarded the “Best Extreme Drummer of 2016” award from Drummies Artists Awards and Drum! Magazine, he has played with many bands as a studio drummer, teaches drums, performs many drumming clinics and even wrote his own solo death metal album in which he wrote and played all the instruments including vocals titled “Invictus”.
He has two drum tutorial DVDs out called “Intense Metal Drumming” & “Intense Metal Drumming 2” a book called “The Odyssey of Double Bass Drumming” that you can check out at his website in the link below. We talked about a lot different things including his opinion on the use of triggers, what it means to sell out, Youtube commentators, his work in Nile and his solo album, the incident in Russia with Belphagor, and some of his techniques. Find the episode below, on iTunes, and most podcast apps


Songs featured on this episode include “Sacrifice Unto Sebek” from Nile’s Annhilation of the Wicked album prior to the episode and “Voices” From George Kollias’s solo album “Invictus” after the interview

George Kollias’s website to find all the mentioned products and more info!

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